High Park Hiking Club

Hiking in the Greater Toronto Area! Each Sunday (mostly) during the spring and fall, we meet to car pool to parks and trails and go hiking. If you want a low impact work-out, fresh air and new people to meet, check us out.

We carpool from Old York Mills Road, usually at 10:00am. Always, always, always check our hike instructions.

[Hikers at Niagara Gorge by Alan Backlund]


Wednesday May 18
This long-weekend Sunday, we hike Singhampton Caves People keep asking us for this! The hike leader is Andy Hueton. The pickup time at Old York Mills Road is early, 9:00am.
Later, Tuesday May 10
Our hike this coming Sunday is to Waterdown, with hike leader Jennifer Rowbotham. We are back to our 10:00am pickup at Old York Mills Road, but this one is a car shuffle.
Tuesday May 10
We are having problems updating the website. the Wednesday May 4 announcement went up earlier today, instead of last week, when it would have been useful. We are currently working around the problem, and considering alternate web servers. If anyone was inconvenienced, we apologize.
Wednesday May 4
We hike this weekend on Saturday, May 7. We are going to Niagara Gorge, on the American side. To go on this hike, you need your passport. The hike leader is Bill Baird. We pick up at Old York Mills Road, at 9:00am this time!
Wednesday April 27
This Sunday features the return of one of our old hike leaders, Jim Thomas. We are hiking at Glen Haffy.
Tuesday April 19
Sunday, we are doing an end-to-end hike of Seaton Trail with hike leader Bohdan Bilyj. Drivers, if you can make to Old York Mills Road, we would appreciate if you did so. We don't want to leave people behind.
Tuesday April 12
This Thursday, April 14 is High Park Ski Club's FITS Night. Having gotten that under our belts, we will be hiking Sunday at Alton Grange with Howard Gibson.
Thursday April 7
Our next hike is Sunday, to Dundas Valley with hike leader Jennifer. Next week, Thursday, April 14 is High Park Ski Club's FITS Night.
Monday March 28
We are working on our 2016 Schedule. Our first hike is Sunday, April 3, to Rouge Valley with hike leader Jacquie. We will be at High Park Ski Club's FITS Night. We have reviewed out costs, and we have reduced our membership fee!
Saturday November 28
This is our last hike of the season. Let's do Mono Cliffs. We pick up at Old York Mills Road, as usual.